our story

do you know that kind of friendship that happens thanks to the serendipity of life and brings together two people who seem to enjoy each other's company all the time, complete each other, share same values, interests, ideas?

well, this is us – Marzena and Madalina.

philologists by education and liberated from the corporation life by choice, passionate runners and horse riding enthusiasts, constantly busy, fulfilled and happy mothers ... experiencing motherhood and enjoying every moment of it, we reached the threshold of another challenge, which became an inspiration to discovering ourselves and embracing a healthier, more aware lifestyle.

a valuable lesson that we want to pass on to our children.

how we created the name

comes from the Polish word “tulenie” which means “hugging” because children naturally cuddle with their parents in search of intimacy, love and security. also comes from the Polish “matula”, an older and very beautiful word for “mother”. finally , because it is about nature, closeness to nature, our mother nature. the combination of these 3 terms gave birth to our very own, special .


foto by Agata Kuźnicka-Bronik

our mission

our job is as simple as our need…

we have made it our mission to save parents’ precious time and help them keep the planet clean for our children.

we are – natural and organic, environment-friendly body care cosmetics for the family, safe for children and fulfilling the needs of adults.


foto by Agata Kuźnicka-Bronik

‘s values

in harmony with nature

nature gives us everything we need. we draw from her wisdom, beauty and richness. in return, we want to remain faithful and true, and therefore we do not compromise. just like in everything else we do to make our cosmetics come to life. we use only natural, safe and healthy ingredients. therefore, you will not find suspicious, harmful, undesirable or unfriendly substances in our products. nor will you find ingredients of animal origin.


“nature is not a place we visit. it is our home”. our planet is very important to us. we care for it in small activities every day, with the invaluable support of our families, especially children. we strongly encourage you to do the same.

it was out of respect for the environment when the idea of ​​packaging a family product into a single bottle was born, so that you can buy one plastic instead of a few, and then obviously recycle it. we consciously decided not to use additional paper boxes for our cosmetics. our ingredients come from clean and pure origin. more than that, the production process requires a minimum amount of natural resources.

out of passion

the brand creation process was long and very complex. from the very beginning, with our minds full of ideas and hearts overflowing with passion, we created this brand natively and with persistence, refining even the smallest detail. we did not want to give you just another bottle of cosmetics, one of many. we wanted to give you our very best.


is our story. each element contained in it refers to our life values or responds to a specific need. is a brand about us. we hope that it will reach your hearts.