our ingredients

the ingredients of cosmetics are not random - we devoted a lot of time and precision to their selection. they are 100% natural, plant based and skin-friendly. you will find certified organic raw materials in our products, and as the brand grows, this list will expand too. all ingredients are accepted by ECOCERT/COSMOS for use in the production of natural cosmetics.

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we are not looking for our ingredients in distant corners of the world, on the contrary, we rely on tested and traditional plants found in our vicinities. at the same time, we are not afraid of innovation and we eagerly reach for modern solutions in the field of natural and healthy skin care.

we create rich formulas therefore we combine ingredients in such a way to get the optimal action of active substances out of them. it is important to us that the skin receives a solid dose of health.

it is crucial for us to offer to you a healthy and effective cosmetic product. in the end, it’s about skin care for your loved ones and our loved ones. therefore, you will not find suspicious, harmful, undesirable or unfriendly substances in our products. nor will you find ingredients of animal origin.

we also know that you read labels and you like it when the cosmetics are clearly and plainly described. so do we! we want to communicate to you in an honest, simple and friendly way what we do in and why.