our cosmetics

we offer you - natural and organic, environment-friendly body care cosmetics for the family. creating , we wanted to find a solution that all family members, both children and adults, could use the body care cosmetics packed into one bottle without sacrificing quality. this is how the formulas of our products have been developed - safe for every child and effective for adults.

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that is why you see not one label on the bottle, but two. thus, you not only save time when shopping, because you are looking for one and not a few separate bottles, different for each family member, but also, or maybe most of all, you generate less plastic into recycling.

at this moment, the brand includes 8 body care products: body wash gels, body care balms, hand cream and a rescue balm. they are organized into 4 lines, each with a different effect on the skin: delicate, moisturizing, nourishing and soothing. and we worked hard to avoid boredom – the color of each of them corresponds to the color of ingredients contained in it.